Story Time: The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

Story Time is a collection of posts where I share recordings I have created to use with my classes. Today’s story was most recently used in our English 2 Utopia unit in summer school. A new story to my repertoire, this seven-page tale was written in the seventies by Ursula LeGuinn.

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas (The story, if you just want to go read it.)

Ones Who Walk Away (My audio version, which you can download at your leisure.)

It had been my plan to record a story form Shirley Jackson next, but this one, recommended by the curriculum director for English, really works for me. It’s a little edgy, but it also does such a marvelous job of evoking imagery and (better still) it provides students (and readers/listeners in general) with some fascinating avenues of discussion.

I hope you enjoy this 16 minute and 20 second installment in the Story Time series. Next time I will, for sure, be dipping into the well of the amazing work of Shirley Jackson.


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