Prompt 2: Unlikely Justice


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Week 1 is a multi-genre week… that means you can write in any genre you like, including mad, crazy mash-ups!

The prompt style for Tuesdays is “Character Concept” — a descriptive start to a character that leaves you wide open to go wherever you want with your storyline.

Feel free to tinker with the concept if you need to in order to make it work for you. Even if the prompt you end up responding to is 99% different from what is written below, the idea is that we let that happen. Any spark or fuel for your creative process is a good thing!

This prompt was generated using the Story Engine Deck by Peter Chiykowski (

Today’s Prompt…

A charming imposter wants to expose the secret of an accident at a powerful bank, but in order to do so, they must face their deepest fear.

Remember, if you want to share your writing in response to this prompt, pop a link to it into the comments down below!

If you post on social media about your writing in response to this prompt, use #strangermedicine

Preview: Tomorrow’s prompt will still be multi-genre, but it will be in a different style than today’s.

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