This is a place for me to explain some quirks. I have… more than a few. Perhaps even as many as seven. No, eight. Definitely eight. (That’s a quirk right there. I can’t explain it though.)

This type of post is a “One Hundred Word Confessional Poem” and is almost always going to be written when I’m feeling introspective–usually as a result of disappointment or elation. Those tend to be the two things that trigger introspection in me. They will be about all kinds of things, but they will definitely be me pushing through an issue of some sort. These are pretty rare these days, but you never know when they will make a come back.

2. 7 Great Loves of My Life
These are the things that define me–well, one of them is a person that defines me. But all of the other people who have had dramatic impacts on my life belong in other lists and will be shared on other days.
1983: Masters of the Universe (Toy line and merchandising empire)
1990: The New Warriors (Comic Book Series)
1991: The Belgariad (A Novel Series)
1993: Earthdawn (An RPG)
1994: Gargoyles (A Cartoon)
2000: Tom (My Husband)
2006: Babylon 5 (A TV Series–I was a bit late to the party.)

3. I don’t like guns, blood, internal organs, electrocution, unanswered questions, or TV shows without overarching plot. Oh, and cauliflower, but I’m working on that last one. I may add other things I don’t like to this entry at will.

4. There are three kinds of friend. Tier 1 are the highest and most valued type of friend. Tier 2 friends are lots of fun and good to talk to, but rarely get to enter into close confidence. Tier 3 friends are on the friendly side of being casual acquaintances. There is a fourth tier, but such people are not FRIENDS. People with 700+ “friends” on Facebook are clearly dipping into the fourth tier.

5. I have a potentially unhealthy addiction to cookies. My record consumption is 36 in 24 hours. You may be jealous, but I have the expanding waistline to prove that maybe my stomach overpowers my wisdom from time to time. The Wii Fit now calls me Overweight and makes a depressing clownish sound when I step onto the balance board. The cookies are not helping. I’m shopping for some willpower right now…

6. I obsess over people. I don’t mean to insult or hurt people, but I fixate on people and usually this makes them dislike me. One of my “Post-30” lifestyle changes has been owning up to my fixations, admitting them, and seeing where the chips fall. I would say that, in my life, I have strongly fixated on at least 100 people that I actually knew in some capacity. It’s sort of out-of-control. But you wouldn’t believe the lengths I would go to in order to preserve a (real or imagined) friendship with a fixation-focus. Ridiculous.

7. I am often the only person in the room who knows what I am talking about, and even if other people know, most do not care. People who both know and care about what I am talking about will find me ridiculously loyal. My passions run very deep–but they’d have to, since oftentimes I alone support them. Tom finds this trait maddening and wishes more people would care about some of my odd fascinations so that he wouldn’t have to listen to me ramble on and on. Notably of late: Magi-Nation. Ask me about it sometime–I’ll talk your ear off.


The above quirk will be identified sometime soon. How exciting!


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