I used to have a list here of things that I wanted. It was old and out-dated and really… I have the things I want. The things I still want that I don’t have I surely don’t need, but I enjoy the thrill of hunting for them myself anyway, so… why list them here?

(Except for Masters of the Universe Staction Figures. Those are listed at the bottom of this message, because… yeah. Those are awesome.)

You know what I wish for instead? The thing that is not a thing?

I wish for people to treat the people in their lives like they are the precious, amazing thing that they are. I wish that everyone we love could know that, always.

I wish that people would not do horrible things to themselves–be it drugs or pain or even simply thinking that you are not good enough.

I wish no one had to be sick, or that those that were sick could always have the help they needed to get better.

I wish that people would read my books so that I could write more of them.

Yeah, that one was selfish. My altruism is finite. This is not surprising.

(As promised, MOTU Staction Figure wish list: He-Man and Battle Armor He-Man. That’s it. Just those two that one.)


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