Writing Projects

When I was a child, I enjoyed writing stories. Towards the very end of my high school years, I started to think I was pretty good at it–then college got hard, and I got distracted. I wandered away from what I loved, but now in my grand old age I have finally gotten my hands back into the cookie jar that is my muse and things are really looking up.

My first major writing, this was intended to be an epic fantasy. It’s pretentious and fails on almost every level of writing, but there was a time that I was quite proud of it. It is deeply unfinished, and will never be completed as I have cannibalized what little quality there ever was in the concept for other, grander projects. I have now posted all of the existing work. The original outline is long-gone at this point, so I have only vague guesses where I was going.

Quarterstar Part 1 (Sections 1-3)
Quarterstar Part 2 (Sections 4-6)
Quarterstar Part 3 (Sections 7-9)
Quarterstar Part 4 (Sections 10-12)
Quarterstar Part 5 (Sections 13-15)
Quarterstar Part 6 (Sections 16-18)
Quarterstar Part 7 (Sections 19-21)
Quarterstar Part 8 (Sections 22-24)
Quarterstar Part 9 (Sections 25-27)
Quarterstar Part 10 (Sections 28-30)
Quarterstar Part 11 (Sections 31-33)
Quarterstar Part 12 (Sections 34-36)
Quarterstar Part 13 (Sections 37-39)
Quarterstar Part 14 (Sections 40-42)

My largest writing project, this was a fan-fiction spin-off of a fan-fiction continuation of the comic book “The New Warriors,” and I love it dearly. I will be reposting A2 for posterity through the blog over the summer, but I don’t expect to come back and work on it any more in the future. That ship has sailed, and my 75 chapter outline ended up only seeing 23 chapters in print. That’s not terrible–but it’s not what I had hoped, back in those shining college years. I met some of the most amazing people while working on A2!

UPDATE: A2 has been resurrected, and retooled, as the NEXT ALLIANCE series in my Omnigenos Chronicles universe. See below for more information!

Dark Places
From 2005-2007 I did a great deal of work on an online RPG of my own creation called Dark Places. Brought to vivid life by a group of nearly 20 regular players, DP was a driving creative force for those years and helped reawaken my desire to create worlds. DP in its old forms is dead and gone, but from it I have learned many important things: I created Nightcandle Imaginations (my imaginary company) to handle my game-related creations, I learned how amazing my friends are as writers, artists, and creators, and, most importantly, I created an idea that sustained the interest of 20 people for almost 2 years. It’s a small start, but it sparked a sort of hyperactive fury in me that I’ve since harnessed to interesting effect. Ultimately DP led to the publication of 5 different books and helped me break the “Accomplishment isn’t my style” mentality that so-dominated my early 20s. Dark Places was just recently resurrected in the form of a new RPG published by Vagrant Workshop.

Buy Dark Places in PDF, Paperback, or Hardcover

I entered an open call for writing pieces for the RPG Earthdawn a few years back and had my essay on the Boatman and my essay on the Purifier accepted for publication. Years later, in 2009, I was invited behind the curtain of Redbrick, the company that crafted Earthdawn at the time, to work in development and writing. I wrote a few pieces for Nations of Barsaive Volume 4: Crystal Raiders, some retouching work on the introductory adventure Misguided Ambitions, and minor design work in the Namegiver’s Compendium. I also wrote the “running the game” section for Earthdawn: Age of Legend. As I work on more Earthdawn, I’ll put it here!

Namegivers of Barsaive
Nations of Barsaive Volume IV: Crystal Raiders
Earthdawn: Age of Legend

Vagrant Workshop’s amazing far-future mysticism-in-space game, Equinox, features some design work and some writing by me in the Match System Guide. I also wrote the first full-length adventure for the game (Patient Zero) and am working on several other Equinox projects for 2018 and 2019 release!

Equinox Match System Guide
Equinox Adventure: Patient Zero

Spiralchain: Gatemaker, Spiralchain: Mindshaper, Spiralchain: Metalbreaker, Spiralchain: Fatewaker, Spiralchain: Shadowbender, and Spiralchain: Boltsender
I am writing an eight-book fantasy/sci-fi series. The first six books have already been released and can be explored in more detail by navigating to spiralchain.net. I am incredibly proud of this series and excited to have people along on this crazy ride through the sandbox of my brain.

The Omnigenos Chronicles
I am working on a series of shared universe super-hero stories that pay homage to my life-long love affair with comic books. The first series in the line has three volumes out now (Next Alliance: False Starts, Next Alliance: Standing Tall, and Next Alliance: Lashing Out), a second series has released its first volume (Team-Up Tales: Tangles), and there are more stories in the pipeline. You can explore the Omnigenos Chronicles in more detail by navigating to omnigenos.com.

Future Works
I hope to be lead writer on another Earthdawn project or two in the near future, as I greatly enjoyed working in Age of Legend. I am working on several projects to continue my work with Equinox and Dark Places, as well as a brand new game setting for Vagrant Workshop that will (hopefully) be released towards the end of 2018: Nightrising. I am always working on writing or outlining for my next novel, as well. While I’m deep into my pipe dream here, I also have a never-ending stream of games in development in my brain and on my word processor, some of which (TransformersVisionaries, ThundercatsCare Bears, and He-Man) are already available to download here on the blog.

That’s a start, anyway. I’m OK with a start.


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