Shadowrun Duels: Reloaded

Back around 2003, Wizkids Games put out a very interesting action-figure based miniatures combat game called Shadowrun Duels. As a huge fan of the Shadowrun universe, I had to get involved… and get involved I did. I collected both waves of the released figures, the exclusive figure, and all of the convention-exclusive gear cards.

Then, as such things often do, the game dried up and was canceled.

Never content to leave well-enough alone, I reverse engineered the point formula used to create the combat dials for the characters and their gear. I added some flavor and some tweaks and, most importantly, brought in a few elements necessary to complete what I considered to be the “Shadowrun Experience.”

The result was the Shadowrun Duels: Reloaded project. I haven’t played with these rules in over a decade, but here they are for posterity…

Shadowrun Duels: Reloaded Rules PDF: SRDR 1-1


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