Thundercats RPG

The Thundercats RPG project is the third game in the NI Nostalgia line. It uses a new game engine, called the Trigger System, to handle the fast paced action and special abilities that the Thundercats are famous for.

Below you will find two links: The first of which is the core PDF. Below that is a cover file. Note that the cover file includes art scavenged from the internet–I didn’t make it and do not own it, and am similarly not making a profit from it in any way. The two files together are print-ready, and the core PDF includes an Appendix with directions on how to print the book at if you want a personal copy for yourself.

TCRPG is a fan work and is not intended for sale. The concepts it features are the property of Warner Brothers and Rankin-Bass (at least once upon a time), two fine entertainment companies that I and Nightcandle Imaginations are in no way affiliated with.

If you have suggestions for revision, questions for clarification, or any other comments you would like to share, please post them in the comments section of this page. Thank you!

Core PDF

Lulu-Ready Cover (featuring art by Fabio Valle)

Other Games

I make lots of free RPG and board/card/misc. games based on other people’s intellectual property. All fan-work, all made from love and (sometimes) a dash of mad genius. Check them out!

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Thundercats RPG

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1 Response to Thundercats RPG

  1. jlschwennen says:

    After sleeping on it, I can already see what I want to add in the next revision: Rules for attacks targeting multiple enemies and a list of other possible effects (used for Goons and Main Villains) that includes Phantom. Jaga needs someone to throw down with! 🙂

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